Hair extension specialist San Diego

I tip Hair for Micro bead

Different Types of Hair Extensions


Prebonded Micro Link or  Hair Extensions are attached with a silicone lined bead or copper tube.

*This method of hair extensions is the most preffered by those that desire natural looking hair extensions.  This method does not use heat, adhesives (glue), chemicals, sewing, or braiding methods. Micro beads or Micro link extensions need to be tightened/moved up every 6-8 weeks but the hair with proper care can be reused up to 8months. Itip hair is used for the micro bead extensions



Weft Hair

Bead Wefts 

Beaded weft or bead rows also known as no sew no braid wefts. These extensions are attached using microbeads and will stay in your hair until they grow out. Recommended tightening/moving up the rows after 4-6 weeks. With proper care the hair can last up to 8 months. This extension method does not use braids, glue, heat or sewing.



Keratin tipped hair strands

Fusion Hair Extensions are attached using an iron with utip prebonded extensions using Keratin bond 



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