Care Of Your Hair Extensions

Tools you will need to take care of your extensions:

1. Hair extension brush known as a “looper brush.” You can find these at Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $10
2. A sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate is the chemical that makes your hair lather, though it feels great the chemical accelerates the deterioration of your bond, so you want to stay away from sulfate based products. Among some shampoos that are good and are sulfate free are SuddsFX, and Pureology.
3. A really moisturizing conditioner. Remember you will not use apply this conditioner to your roots, but your ends will need a good product to keep them hydrated. Among some that I like are: Goldwell, Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm, Serie Expert Intense Repair.

How to take care of your extensions:

1. After receiving your hair extension service DO NOT SHAMPOO FOR 2 DAYS. Make sure to detangle your hair before you enter the shower. Condition your hair from mid-lengths to ends.
2. Always dry hair roots thoroughly after shampooing to prevent bond breakdown. When blow drying mild heat should be used to prevent overheating bond.
3. NEVER GO TO BED WITH YOUR HAIR WET. If you do, tangles will occur and it may be difficult at time to untangle them once they dry overnight.
4. Use only recommend hair extension products. Brush your hair with the looper brush, and use only approved shampoos and conditioners.
5. Before going to bed, it is recommended that you pull your extensions back with a soft scrunchie or braid to prevent the hair from getting tangled.
6. Brush your hair 2-3 times a day from the nape up.
7. NEVER COLOR, PERM OR USE ANY OTHER CHEMICAL SERVICE without consulting with your stylist.
8. You can use heat tools on your hair, but make sure to avoid the root area, or the area where your bonds have been placed.
9. If you plan to go swimming in pool or seawater, use leave in conditioner in your hair, and rinse and shampoo immediately after .
10. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR OWN HAIR EXTENSIONS. We cannot guarantee that your hair will not be damaged as a result of removal, if you, or if someone besides the hair extension stylist, removes your extensions.-- 

Other Information:
It is normal to lose a few extensions per month. However if you feel you are losing EXCESSIVE (i.e 10-20 bonds a day), DO NOT PANIC! Call your stylist to set up an appointment.

Some hair extension methods and bonds can last longer than 3 months. HOWEVER, WE ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT KEEP YOUR HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR LONGER THAN 3 MONTHS. Potential damage can occur from bonds being too low, or from excess weight caused by the hair you shed daily that accumulates (remember that your natural hair sheds anywhere from 50-150 hairs a day). Both scenarios can cause tension on the scalp and can lead to hair breakage. 


Q: Will hair extensions damage my hair?

Q: How do I find a good hair extension salon/specialist?
A: Tough question. But I would do an internet search, ask friends and call around salons. Try to find a location where the extensionist offers at least two options that way you have choices. Set up a consultation (especially if its free) ask to see a portfolio, ask for references, ask what companies they use and where they received their certifications, and find out if they are licensed cosmetologists.  While I have seen great work performed from non-licensed extensionsists, keep in mind that  cosmetologists learn important information like the health of your scalp, hair cuticle and overall hair condition. Not to mention we know how to cut hair, and proper color placement. ALSO BE CAREFUL OF ANYONE WHO PROMISES YOU THAT THEIR METHOD DOES NOT CAUSE DAMAGE AND CAN LAST 6 MONTHS. ALTHOUGH THIS IS A COMPELLING SELLING POINT BECAUSE IT IS TRUE, THERE ARE SOME EXTENSIONS THAT CAN LAST UP TO 6 MONTHS,  THAT DOESNT MEAN THAT IT WONT CAUSE DAMAGE. Also be careful of anyone who tells you that THEIR METHOD does not cause damage.  Most of the time this is a sales pitch, as I stated earlier ALL METHODS have the potential to cause damage. Damage does not come from an extension company or method, it is based on the skills of the extensionist and on how well you take care of your extensions.

Q: How much do hair extensions cost?
A: The price of hair extensions depends on things like the city you live in, the company the hair extensionist uses and orders hair from, and their level of experience. I have seen people charge ridiculous prices for work that was mediocre or downright terrible, and I have seen people charge moderate fees for good work. I would say they will run you anywhere from $250-$2000. ( I have yet to charge anyone $2000, but have heard of stylists charging that much.) BE CAREFUL IF ANYONE OFFERS TO CHARGE YOU A VERY LOW PRICE FOR STRAND BY STRAND EXTENSIONS.  Often times to offset the labor costs these extensionists will either make the extensions themselves or buy cheap hair.  If they are truly talented and take the time to make their own individual hair strands, trust me they would charge you for it, and if they opt to use cheap hair to keep the cost low, chances are that within weeks or even days, your hair will be a matted mess filled with tangles.  It is important that you truly find someone qualified that works with reputable hair companies.

Q: What kind of hair do you use?
A: .I always use 100% human remy hair. In my opinion using synthetic hair is a waste of time. Though I know that there are benefits to synthetic hair (it is a lot lighter and therefore a good alternative for fine hair clients who cant wear human hair), I only like to deal with human hair. I want my clients to be able to treat their extension hair as if it were their own, and synthetic unfortunately is not that flexible.